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About This Blog

Welcome to my blog!  As an avid mystery lover and aspiring author who would rather read than just about anything else (except play golf, perhaps) I have created this blog for several reasons: 

*  I would love to share my thoughts about some of the great (or maybe not so great) books I have discovered and perhaps drum up some business for a few of my favorite authors by spreading the word about their work.

*  I am always eager to hear from others about books they have read that I might enjoy.

*  As a budding mystery writer, it almost goes without saying I could use the writing practice.

*  And I would love to network with other amateur writers – we can give each other encouragement or writing tips.

Being as I am currently “between jobs”, as I suspect a lot of you out there are, I have recently been reading 2 or 3 “whodunit” books per week obtained from my public library, as well as trying my hand at writing some short stories which hopefully someday I will be able to share with you.  I can tell you, writing a story is way harder than reading one! 

Please keep in mind, my comments are only my opinions. What I like may be different than what you like. 

Also, the books I will be talking about may, in a lot of cases, not be the newest on the market.  That’s because when I find an author I have not read before, especially one who has written a series of books, I sometimes like to go back to a few of their beginning works and read forward, instead of choosing their latest book and reading backwards.  That just makes more sense to me. 

In any case, if you haven’t read those books they will be new to you.  Believe me, your library is full of 10-15 year old books that are just as interesting and well-written as the best sellers of today, and you don’t have to pay full hardcover price or wait forever on the library hold list to read them.

So thanks for reading this far, and feel free to reach out with your comments and suggestions. You can email me at boydbeverly99@yahoo.com.

Best regards,


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